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4 Symptoms Of A Cavity

A cavity is a problem that everyone tries to avoid at all costs. They are painful, costly, and unsightly if located in a forward-facing tooth. A cavity should be addressed as soon as you start experiencing symptoms as they will only worsen. Today, we are going to review 4 symptoms of a cavity so you can be better prepared to have one repaired quickly.

4 Symptoms Of A Cavity
4 Symptoms Of A Cavity


The most common and usually first sign of a cavity is toothache. A toothache is just what the name implies, an aching tooth. A toothache can be the symptom of many different things, including wisdom tooth protrusion, so have your dentist look at the teeth that seem to be aching for a proper diagnosis.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity refers to your tooth or teeth being sensitive to hot, cold, or hard foods or liquids. A cavity can expose nerves in your gums, causing your tooth to be more sensitive to certain types of foods and beverages.

Visible Holes In Teeth

One of the more obvious signs of a cavity is a visible hole in your teeth. Cavities, by definition, are permanently damaged areas of your teeth that develop tiny openings or holes. If you can see a hole in your teeth, you need to have it examined professionally as soon as possible to prevent a larger issue.

Discoloration On Surface Of Tooth

A cavity that has not developed a hole on the surface could showcase itself by developing a discoloration on your teeth. You will want to have your dentist investigate any unusual discoloration or staining on your teeth to check for cavities.

Oral Surgery In Waco, Texas

If a cavity has gone without repair for too long, you may suffer total tooth loss. The only solution, in this case, is to have it removed. Luckily, Waco Surgical Arts can install a dental implant to replace the dead or damaged tooth. To get your appointment booked or to get more information about dental implants, fill out our contact us page.


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