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5 Things To Know About Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

With advancements in technology, anti-aging procedures have become more common. Less-invasive treatments such as injections and dermal fillers allow for an easier face-lift procedure than in years past. Today, we are going to look at 5 things you need to know about facial rejuvenation surgery.

5 Things To Know About Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

What Exactly Is A Face-Lift?

A face-lift is a surgical procedure to lift and tighten sagging skin on the patient's face and neck. This procedure takes place in an operating room and the patient is usually under general anesthesia. In this procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions (usually around the earlobes to hide any scarring) and lift/pull back loose facial and neck skin. Any excess skin will be removed before the incisions are closed.

How Long Will I Need To Recover?

One of the biggest misconceptions about face-lifts is the recovery time. Most people believe that recovery can take 1-2 months when in reality, it will only take about 10-14 days.

Face-Lift Benefits

Face-lift procedure benefits are going to be centered around how you and others perceive your looks. The most common reason people get face-lifts is to remove excess skin for a more youthful look. Here are a few of the benefits of getting a face-lift:

  • Increased Satisfaction With Appearance

  • More Youthful Appearance

  • Better Overall Confidence

Face-Lift Risks

With any surgical procedure, there are certain risks that you will take by going into the operating room. Since you will be given general anesthesia, those who are obese or have diabetes may run a health risk by taking anesthesia. Others may have an increased risk of bleeding during surgery. Those who smoke or who take anti-clotting medications are at a higher risk of increased bleeding.

Can People Tell I Got A Face-Lift?

A big worry that many have when getting a face-lift is that their face will look stretched or that it has been surgically enhanced. With the right surgeon, you can rest assured that your face-lift is in the right hands. A great practice is to research the overall customer satisfaction with previous clients as well as check online reviews. This should give you a good indication of what you can expect from your facial rejuvenation surgeon.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery In Waco, Texas

If you are ready to learn more about facial rejuvenation surgery, Waco Surgical Arts is here to answer any questions that you may have. Dr. Beck is a dually licensed physician in both medicine and dentistry. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2004 from the University of Texas at Houston. He then stayed to train in the Texas Medical Center, where he obtained an MD degree from UT-Houston Medical School and a certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is currently Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. To make an appointment to discuss your facial rejuvenation, fill out our online appointment form.


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