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Oral health care is important? Approximately one-third of American adults are concerned about or dislike  their smiles. If you’re one of those Americans, then you can do something about your oral health care. An oral surgeon is a dental practitioner who specializes in the overall care and condition of your teeth. From tooth replacement procedures to keeping cavities at bay — and treating any existing cavities you may have — this specialist works hard to keep your mouth in healthy condition. Whether you have dental health coverage or not, investing in your smile is worth every penny. Here are the reasons why your oral health is a major big deal; make an appointment with your dental practitioner today.

You Can Get Sick if Your Teeth Are Neglected Did you know that if you have a cavity and you let the condition go unchecked, you can put your overall health at risk? Because an infected tooth is full of bacteria, it can cause other infections in your body such as ear or sinus infections.  Additionally, that bacteria can even get into your bloodstream and make you very ill. If you have a painful tooth or a tooth that is discolored or dying, then you need to speak to your dental practitioner right away. The sooner you give your oral surgeon an opportunity to look inside your mouth, the better.

You May Need Dental Surgery Down the Line If you need dental surgery for any reason, such as to remove an offending wisdom tooth or to put in a dental implant or two, you will need to see an oral dentist.  Oral surgery is often done by a specialist. The sooner you get your dental needs taken care of, the sooner you can feel better about the way your teeth look overall.

You May Have a Painful Yet Preventable Condition Do you suffer from a sore jaw because you grind your teeth? Are you always concerned about biting down on foods a certain way because you don’t want to irritate your gums or teeth? Are you concerned about your oral health in general and feel like you need to approach your oral health care habits in a sensitive way? Any painful condition you have in your mouth, gums, teeth, and even your jaw, can be inspected and possibly treated by your oral dentist. This special dentist is trained to work on a variety of dental conditions, so don’t be afraid to bring up your dental concerns at your next available appointment. Your oral care is important to your overall health and seeing your dentist regularly is key to a healthy smile. When you take care of your mouth, your mouth takes care of you and allows you to keep more of your original teeth longer. Since dental needs change as you age, make sure to continue to see your oral dentist twice a year or as recommended even if your smile feels healthy.


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