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What Is The Difference Between General And Local Anesthesia

If you are considering dental surgery, knowing your options for anesthesia is key in planning your procedure. Today, Waco Surgical Arts, a leading Waco, Texas, oral surgeon, will look at the difference between general anesthesia and local anesthesia to see which will be best for your dental procedure.

Difference Between General And Local Anesthesia

There are two main types of anesthesia used in dental surgery procedures. This will include general and local anesthesia, with both being able to be administered at your dentist’s office. General anesthesia places the patient unconscious to allow the doctor to complete the work. Local anesthesia uses a shot in the gums near the wisdom teeth to numb the area. The patient is fully conscious during this type of anesthesia.

Comfort Level

Your comfort level is our #1 priority during wisdom teeth removal. If the procedure is short and you are comfortable with being awake during your procedure, local anesthesia should work. General anesthesia may be suggested if you have a high level of anxiety or if the procedure will last longer.

Pain Tolerance

Your pain tolerance will play a big role in your chosen anesthesia. For those with low pain tolerances, general anesthesia may be recommended. If you have higher pain tolerance, you may be able to go with local anesthesia.

Price Point

Perhaps one of the biggest deciding factors for most patients is the price point of each. Local anesthesia will be much cheaper than general anesthesia due to the extended process of administering general anesthesia.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction In Waco, Texas

If your wisdom teeth are starting to hurt and you are wondering if you should have them removed, give Waco Surgical Arts a call. As one of the best Waco, Texas, oral surgeons, Dr. Beck and his team can help you determine the best action plan for your wisdom teeth extraction. Fill out our online quote form to get a quote or more information on having your wisdom teeth removed.


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