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Many people are understandably anxious about getting dental implants, and for some, this anxiety leads to them avoiding necessary dental care and oral surgery. However, going through with dental surgery to receive dental implants can be life changing in cases where these implants are genuinely needed. Here are just a few ways that getting tooth replacements can improve your overall quality of life after the procedure.


When you’ve had a tooth extraction or are in another situation where you may be missing teeth, tasks that were once simple like eating can become a challenge. Even if eating with missing teeth isn’t necessarily difficult, it can be uncomfortable for some. Having the right type of dental implant for you allows you to comfortably enjoy all your favorite foods again without having to worry about pain or difficulty chewing.


With poorly aligned or missing teeth, many people find it difficult to speak clearly and enunciate. This is because your teeth are a vital part of making many of the sounds needed in speech, and with one or more teeth missing, you might lack the ability to create certain sounds. This is why some people seem to have a lisp or other speaking issue after losing or removing teeth. Having a tooth implant to replace your missing tooth can help you regain your ability to speak more clearly.


One of the most common issues involved with missing teeth is the impact it can have on your confidence. Missing teeth can cause people to feel insecure about their appearance, meaning they’re less likely to smile. According to an American Dental Association (ADA) survey, 28% of adults in Texas avoid smiling as a result of their teeth. Dental implants look identical to the missing teeth, allowing people to regain confidence in their looks once more and smile just as wide as before they lost their teeth.

Getting dental implants can be intimidating, but overall, the rewards far outweigh the anxieties many people face surrounding the procedure. By working with your oral surgeon, you’ll be able to find the right dental implant option for you and get back to a comfortable, healthy life. For more information on dental implants and which type will be right for you, contact Waco Surgical Arts today.


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