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Same Day Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a devastating event can have painful consequences for both oral health and self-confidence. Thankfully, dental implants are completely changing the landscape of reconstructive dentistry by providing patients with revitalizing health benefits, long lasting quality, and a virtually seamless appearance. Contact Waco Surgical Arts today at (254) 537-1071 to schedule your same day dental treatment in Waco TX.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are small posts made of titanium that are surgically placed into the patient’s jawbone where the natural tooth is missing, effectively replicating its root. Over time, the bone bonds with the titanium of the implants and creates a strong, natural foundation where an artificial prosthetic can be successfully attached. This process also preserves facial structure and can even reverse deterioration of the jawbone, which is a common consequence of tooth loss.


The Surgical Process

For most patients, the placement of dental implants will require two separate procedures. First, the implants themselves will be securely placed within your jawbone. Then, a period of healing will begin, which usually lasts for around three to six months; this allows the jawbone to gradually form a strong bond with the new “root.” During this time, patients will be able to wear a temporary denture and eat a soft diet. Once the bonding process has been successful, patients will return to our Waco office for the second phase of treatment. Dr. Beck will carefully uncover the implants and attach small posts (also called abutments) to them, which will serve as anchors for the actual artificial teeth. The entire implant process takes anywhere from six to eight months, and most patients experience very little disruption to their everyday life.


Types of Prosthetics

In the case of a single implant, a single prosthesis (a dental crown) is attached, completing the process. Depending on a patient’s needs, a partial or full fixed bridge can be attached to replace two or more teeth; this often requires several implants to successfully hold. A removable prosthesis, or over denture, is also available, which attaches to a bar or ball-in-socket attachment. All-On-4 Implants are also available for patients seeking an efficient and effective tooth replacement solution. Dental implants and implant-retained prosthetics offer patients several valuable benefits over more traditional reconstructive methods, including: They’re the only treatment option that actually preserves the health and fullness of the jawbone over time, helping patients prevent additional dental problems and a hunched facial appearance in the future. They provide much more permanence and security when compared to the relative discomfort and looseness of dentures. They don’t require patients to sacrifice the structure of surrounding healthy teeth to accommodate them. If cared for properly through good oral hygiene and regular check-ups with your general dentist, they can last for a lifetime.



General Pre-Op Instructions

General Post-Op Instructions

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